She returned to Sweden to do a master's degree after having been an Erasmus exchange student at Stockholm University. Below she shares some of her impressions and experiences.

Why did you choose Sweden and Stockholm as your study destination?

– I started my bachelor in Bern. During my second year I went on Erasmus to Sweden and Stockholm University. It was a bit random, I had several options. But since I wanted to visit Sweden, Stockholm became my first choice. I was here for one semester and had a great time and a great experience at the Department of Linguistics. When it was time to choose my master, it became my first choice. And I was lucky to get in!

What did you like most about studying in Stockholm?

– The university, campus and atmosphere in our department. I was a part of the Student Council at the Department of Linguistics. It was a great way to get to know my fellow students, but also to be involved in our programmes. We had the opportunity to work together with our professors and organise workshops that we needed for certain classes. I really had a great time.

What possibilities did your studies in Stockholm open up for you?

– Right now, I work at the Department of Linguistics. I’m involved in some book projects with type setting and editorial work. Most students within Linguistics continue with research but there are a lot of different things you can do. Tech companies that are doing language recognition software programs need linguistics. This is coming up more and more. Many of us are doing translations. It’s very broad.

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Source: Student Services, Stockholm University