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The Department of Linguistics offers courses and programmes in General Linguistics, Phonetics, Computational Linguistics, Sign Language and Swedish as a second language for the deaf.

Most of our courses and programmes require documented proficiency in Swedish. Every year we do however offer some courses where the language of instructions is in English (see below). If you already have a bachelor’s degree and are interested in studying for a master’s degree, we offer a two-year master’s programme in English. We also organize Ph.D. programmes.

Under Courses and programmes you will find information about our current range of courses and programmes in English and other useful information related to the education.

Language and Geography, 7,5 credits (LIN316)

This course provides advanced knowledge of human languages from a geographical perspective. The course discusses the spread and location of modern languages, languages in different geographical entities, areal phenomena and the concept Sprachbund, and how nature and culture can be considered to affect language.

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Master's Programme

Master's Programme
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