Grades used on most courses are from the 7-degree goal-related rating scale with the symbols A to E for approved performance and Fx and F for unapproved results:

A - Excellent
B - Very Good
C - Good
D - Adequate
E - Sufficient
Fx - Inadequate
F - Wholly inadequate

The ratings should be goal-based, which means that grades should reflect how well the student has achieved the expected results of study (learning objectives), which are identified in the course syllabus. Each module get its own grade and then the entire course get a grade based on the achievements on all the included modules.

If some elements of a module is not graded on this scale they are regarded as course requirements and the module grade will then be based on those elements that are graded.

For students who have not been approved at the regular test an additional test will be arranged in close connection to the former.

Exceptions from these regulations may occur.