Master’s Programme in Language Sciences

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Master's Programme in Language Sciences

The Master’s Programme in Language Sciences offers a comprehensive two-year programme with a specialisation in one of the following areas of inquiry: Swedish, Swedish as a Second Language, Scandinavian Languages, Ancient Greek, Baltic Languages, Bilingualism, Czech, English Linguistics, Applied English Linguistics, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Language Education, Latin, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Typology and Linguistic Diversity. The programme aims at extending and deepening students’ knowledge within their specialist subject while strengthening the student’s interdisciplinary knowledge of theoretical knowledge, research ethics, and research methodologies.

Instruction consists of required courses taken by all students in the programme, required courses within the area of specialisation, and optional courses that will be offered by a number of departments across the Faculty of Humanities. The languages of instruction are for the national specialisations (Swedish, Swedish as Second Language, Scandinavian Languages, Czech, Finnish, Language Education, Latin, Polish and Russian) English and Swedish, as well as the language associated with the student’s area of specialisation.
For the international specialisations (Applied English Linguistics, Ancient Greek, Baltic Languages, Bilingualism, English Linguistics, French, German, Italian, Latin, Portuguese, Spanish and Typology and Linguistic Diversity), the language of instruction is English, as well as the language associated with the student's area of specialisation. The main examination will take the form of a written dissertation on a topic related to the student’s specialism.

The programme, which provides advanced knowledge and skills in the language sciences, may serve as a stepping-stone to PhD studies in language studies, or as a preparation for employment in a range of language-related professions. The programme is open to both Swedish and international students who meet the academic requirements for admission.

Syllabus, valid from Autumn 2019

Syllabus, valid from Autumn 2018

If you have questions you are welcome to contact the contact person for the specialisation of your interest. You find contact information for each specialisation in the links below.

Master's Programme in Language Sciences has eleven different international specialisations

Contacts for students

Student affairs office
Office: C378  Email:
Phone: +46 8162346 Fax: +46 8155389
Visiting hours for students
Tuesdays 9-10 Wednesdays 13-15
Thursdays 9-11 and 13-16
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