Note! Due to the Corona pandemic, our teaching will be given online this autumn. Exceptions are made for a few courses that will have certain elements on campus.


Courses obligatory for all specialisations in the Master's Programme in Language Sciences

These courses are obligatory in all specialisations within the Master's programme in Language Sciences.

First semester, Autumn 2020

Third semester, Autumn 2020

The course English for Academic Research can be taken as a practical course during period 1 or as an optional course during period 2.

Courses obligatory for the specialisation in Typology and Linguistic Diversity

These courses are all within the main field linguistics and obligatory for students following the specialisation in Linguistics. The courses can also be taken as optional courses by students following other specialisations than Lingusitics (see Master’s Programme in Language Sciences)

First semester, period 2, Autumn 2020

Third semester, period 1, Autumn 2020

Optional courses within the main field of Linguistics

The courses listed below are within the main field of Linguistics. The courses are optional for students following the specialisation in Typology and Linguistic Diversity as well as for students following other specialisations. NB! Students following other specialisations than Typology and Linguistic Diversity shall make sure that they fulfil the eligibility criteria that are stated in the course plan.

Third semester, period 1, Autumn 2020

Third semester, period 2, Autumn 2020

Other optional courses

For optional courses in other main fields, please see the course catalogue. 

While selecting optional courses, please always consult the contact person for your specialisation or the student's counsellor in the department hosting your specialisation.