If you are coming to Stockholm as an exchange student you should contact the disability coordinator and/or the international office at your home university regarding the possibility of applying for an extra ERASMUS grant to cover possible costs for support during the exchange. This must be done well ahead of your departure for Stockholm.

On this section of the University's website, you can find information about which type of support you can receive, things that you should consider, and how to apply for support:

Please contact the department well ahead of time in order to discuss your individual educational support:
Contact person for students with disabilities at the Department of Linguistics, Åsa Gustafsson:

E-mail: asa.gustafsson@ling.su.se
Phone: +46(0)8 16 23 37

Please also inform the coordinator of exchange programmes at the Department of Linguistics, Eva Lindström:
E-mail: erasmus@ling.su.se

Please note that requests for accommodated forms of examination must be made three weeks prior to the examination date.