At Stockholm University, individual departments handle all exchange agreements within the Erasmus+ programme and affiliated programmes, as well as other interdepartmental agreements.

The Department of Linguistics at Stockholm University comprises both the discipline of linguistics and Swedish Sign Language. For specific languages and for language teaching, please visit the websites of the relevant departments (

Please direct all communication regarding exchange with the Department of Linguistics to the exchange coordinator by email:

You will find information on our current agreements, university-wide agreements and other useful information at

New agreements

If you have students (or academic staff) that are interested in an exchange with the Department of Linguistics, do contact us and we will try to organise a new agreement. This can usually be arranged within a few weeks if the partner institution is a good match.


For courses given at the Department of Linguistics, please seach the
Stockholm University Catalogue of Courses and Programmes.
Credits correspond to ECTS (European credit transfer system).

Language of instruction

Undergraduate (1st cycle, BA level) instruction is in Swedish.
Advanced level (2nd cycle, MA level) instruction is in English.
Proof of proficiency in the language of instruction is required.

Application procedure

1. Nomination: The partner institution nominates the student(s) for exchange.


  • 1 May, for the autumn semester
  • 1 October, for the spring semester

In the nomination, please specify the student’s name, email address, date of birth, main field(s) of study, level of study (BA/MA), contact details for the coordinator (if applicable, both departmental and faculty level).

Note: we invite students and fellow coordinators to make contact and discuss the options before these dates, to facilitate a smooth procedure.

A list of courses that the student has and is taking is most helpful to determine the student's eligibility (this does not need to be an official document at this stage), with clear indications of the correspondence of credits to ECTS.

2. Application: The student applies for the exchange (by an application form supplied by us). The application will specify the courses the student wishes to take, and must be signed by a coordinator at the sending institution. This is to ensure that the courses taken during the exchange will be recognised and credited towards the student's degree.


  • 12 May, for the autumn semester
  • 12 October, for the spring semester

Information pertaining to housing requirements will be collected at the same time.

3. Letter of Acceptance: The Department of Linguistics will issue a letter of acceptance, which will allow the student to apply for a student residence permit (if so required), and – depending on the sending institution and the type of exchange agreement – to apply for a scholarship, get insurance via their institutions, etc.

4. Learning Agreement: A document is created, detailing the courses to be taken by the student. This document is to be signed by the student and the coordinators of the sending and receiving institutions, to certify their commitment to the student’s exchange studies. The Learning Agreement has to be signed by all three parties before the exchange begins.

Note: Stockholm University accepts electronic (including scanned) signatures in these matters.

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