The Department of Linguistics at Stockholm University has teacher exchange agreements with the following universities. List items marked with (E) are Erasmus+ agreements; those marked with (B) are other types of bilateral departmental agreements.

Note: If you want to come to Stockholm University from an institution not listed above, or go to one as a Stockholm University linguistics staff member – please contact Eva Lindström by email: New agreements can often be arranged.

Semester/Term dates

The academic year at Stockholm University starts in late August and ends in early June. The academic year is divided into two semesters, an autumn semester and a spring semester. The autumn semester starts at the end of August and continues until mid-January of the following year. The spring semester starts in January and finishes at the beginning of June.
Information on semester/term dates at Stockholm University

Please note that:
You are strongly encouraged to participate in the Orientation Week (especially the Orientation Day) which in autumn is in the week before semester starts. This is also when housing keys are distributed and special transfer services operate from the major airports to campus.
There is a short break over Christmas and New Year; in some courses your presence is expected in January too.