The temporary rules stated below will be updated when needed and according to recommendations of the Public Health Agency of Sweden. To SUBIC >

Temporary rules:

  • Stay home whenever you display symptoms of COVID-19, even if very mild.
  • Wash and disinfect your hands upon arrival at SUBIC and throughout your stay, as needed. If your experiment involves research participants, ask them to do the same. You will find soap and hand disinfectant in SUBIC’s bathrooms.
  • Do not run experiments at SUBIC involving research participants older than 70 years old or belonging to a risk group for COVID-19.  Updated information on what is considered as a risk group can be found at the homepage of the Public Health Agency of Sweden - Folkhälsomyndigheten.
  • Use SUBIC facilities only when running experiments. Avoid being at SUBIC before strictly needed to when preparing your experiment and avoid staying more than the time necessary to clean up after an experiment. This will ensure that not too many people are at SUBIC at any given time.
  • Run your experiments with the minimum number of researchers needed to complete the experiment safely.
  • After finishing an experiment wipe with disinfectant all the surfaces (e.g. tables, door handles) and objects (e.g. keyboards) used. If your experiment involves participants, disinfect also everything they have used (e.g. pens, buttons, MR-scanner head coil, MR-scanner bed). If you are running several experiments in a row, with different participants, clean thoroughly between each participant. You will find cleaning material in the different laboratories. If you cannot find any, contact SUBIC staff.
  • Dispose cleaning and other disposable materials (e.g. earplugs) in a waste bag and seal it. Leave the bag in the larger waste bag container situated outside the restrooms by the x-ray camera.
  • Do not book time adjoined after another booking of the same facility. Leave a gap of at least half an hour between bookings so that there is time to clean properly. If you are running experiments in a sequence, with different participants, leave half an hour between each. Make sure to leave this gap unbooked in the Calpendo system so that you are not charged for this extra time.
  • Inform us, as soon as possible, if you or one of your participants becomes ill, possibly with COVID-19, within 14 days of being at SUBIC.