Närbild av Rita Almeida.

Rita Almeida is responsible for the data analysis support at Stockholm University Brain Imaging Centre(SUBIC). She has a background in physics and a PhD on analysis and modeling of neuroimaging data. Her main research focus is on modeling behavioral data and its neuronal correlates. Rita Almeida was promoted to Associate Professor in Phychology in October 2020. 


Närbild av Krister Schönström. Privat foto.

Krister Schönström's research concerns questions about how deaf people learn Swedish, sign language as a second language and the multilingualism of the deaf and hard of hearing. He has also developed tests in Swedish Sign Language that are used to assess sign language proficiency in different groups of sign language users. Krister Schönström was promoted to Associate Professor in Swedish as a second language for the deaf in December 2020.