Note! Answers to many questions on how the pandemic affects your studies (the admission process, study forms, travel to Sweden, deferral of study commencement, tuition fee and reimbursements) can be found in the Q&A on the coronavirus for newly admitted students.

Admissions FAQ and contact 

Here we list some of the most common questions and answers regarding admissions and studies at Stockholm University:

Admissions FAQ and contact 

Visas and residence permits

Before you come to Sweden, make sure that you have the correct documentation. International and exchange students from outside the EU/EEA who are admitted for studies lasting longer than three months must apply for a residence permit (“uppehållstillstånd” in Swedish).

More about Visas and residence permits

Deferral of study commencement

If there are exceptional circumstances, a student accepted onto an undergraduate or master's degree course may defer the commencement of their studies. A student who is a citizen of a country outside of the European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland that does not meet one of the criteria for exemption of tuition fee must first have paid the tuition fee in order to be granted deferral of study commencement.

More about deferral of study commencement and how to apply