Henrik Liljegren’s new book “A grammar of Palula” is a revised and extended version of his PhD dissertation of 2008. It is a description of the Indo-Aryan language Palula spoken in northern Pakistan. It is based on first-hand data collected in fieldwork and in close collaboration with native speakers during a ten-year period. Palula is spoken by some 10,000 people in the Chitral Valley situated in the extremely multilingual mountain region of Hindukush extending across the Afghanistan border.

The description covers phonology, morphology, syntax and a range of lexical topics of particular interest. Two short annotated text samples are included in the book, representing the two main dialects, a northern and a southern. The description also provides a brief introduction to the speaker community and their immediate geographical and linguistic environment.

Henrik lived in Pakistan along with his family for three longer periods. He and his wife Maarit were co-founders of Forum for Language Initiatives, an education and resource centre for the many language communities in the region.

Henrik Liljegren’s book is part of an extensive project at the Department of Linguistics in studying and documenting linguistic diversity. The book is published by Language Science Press as an Open Access publication:

Liljegren, H. (2016) A grammar of Palula (Studies in Diversity Linguistics 8).
Berlin: Language Science Press.