Follow the link below for extended information on how to get from the airport to Stockholm City Centre - and back again.

Link to the official site about airports around Stockholm (Website: Visit Stockholm)

There are four airports associated with Stockholm:
Arlanda Airport, Bromma Airport, Skavsta Airport, Västerås Airport

Arlanda Airport is the largest. You can use one of the following ways to get to Stockholm City:

  • Airport Coach: Least expensive alternative, a bus departs every 10 minutes and arrives about 45 minutes later at Stockholm City Centre:
  • Arlanda Express: Fast train that departs every 15 minutes and arrives 20 minutes later at Stockholm City Centre: (You can get a discount if you are two, three or four persons travelling together thursday-sunday:
  • Commuter Train: the commuter train system between Stockholm and Uppsala: You find more information on the Public transport system under "Gettting around" below.
  • Taxi: see special information at the bottom of this page

Bromma Airport is practically in the city centre, an Airport Coach can take you to Stockholm City:

Skavsta Airport and Västerås Airport are situated about 100 kilometers from Stockholm, these airports house low budget airlines. If you arrive at one of these airports, please allow for between 1,5 - 2 hours to get to Stockholm City Centre by an Airport Coach:


Taxi services are available at Stockholm Arlanda Airport and Bromma Airport.
Travel time: Stockholm Arlanda Airport: approximately 40 minutes, depending on time of day. Bromma Airport: approximately 15 minutes, depending on time of day.
Credit cards are readily accepted.
Please note: Taxi fares in Sweden aren't regulated, which means that prices can vary significantly between companies. With this in mind, we recommend that you use the services of  well-known firms like Taxi Stockholm, Taxi 020 and Taxi Kurir.