WILD 2015 Conference Announcement (403 Kb)

The conference was held between June 10 th and 12 nd, 2015 at the baroque palace “Piperska Muren”, situated in a picturesque park in the heart of Stockholm, Sweden.

The 2^nd Workshop on Infant Language Development (WILD 2015) focused on early language development and its precursors, in line with its predecessor WILD 2013 (San Sebastian, Spain).

A couple of decades ago, the number of researchers focusing on language development during infancy was fairly small. The field has steadily grown since, and the general consensus today is that the first years of life are of great importance for all later language development. Many of the skills that are important to learn and use a language are already present or under development during this period. It is therefore essential to study infant language development in order to understand human language capacity in general.

The WILD conference series answers the call for a specialised forum for infant language researchers to meet, a platform to showcase high-quality research and a biennial get-together to discuss the latest research trends. WILD 2015 will be the second instalment in this conference series and carries on this newly established tradition.

Abstract submission opened November 3 and closed December 15, 17.00 Central European Time.

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