The Department of Linguistics is engaged in research and education in various areas in linguistics such as general linguistics, phonetics, computational linguistics, Sign language and Swedish as a second language for the deaf.

Research and education within the PhD-programme are important parts of the department’s activities. The Department is part of Stockholm University's Profile Areas, and was 2007-2014 one of the leading research areas at Stockholm University.

You’ll find more information about our PhD-programme, our research, and ongoing projects under Research.

Our first level courses and programmes (up to a bachelor’s degree) require documented proficiency in Swedish. Our first level include the Bachelor’s Programme in Linguistics, 180 credits and a number of courses in different areas. The department is also involved in programmes offered at other departments such as the Bachelor’s Programme in Sign Language and Interpreting, 180 credits and the Bachelor’s Programme in Philosophy and Linguistics, 180 credits.

At second level (up to a Master’s degree) the department offers a Master’s programme in Language Science, 120 credits, and various courses. The program and most of the department’s courses at second level are taught in English.

You’ll find more information about our courses and programmes under Education.

Visiting scholars
The Department welcomes visiting scholars provided they meet certain requirements.
More information on these requirements: To prospective visiting scholars