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Summer evening in Stockholm, female students at Mariaberget. Photo by Niklas Björling

Apply for IAM3 Summer Institute 2022

In June 2022, we will host the summer institute Inclusive Assessment of Multi-Modal Multilinguals(IAM3). The institute will provide advanced training in the assessment of multiple languages in multiple modalities within a theoretical framework of translanguaging.

Johanna M

Stockholm University researchers awarded SUBIC time-grant

Ashley Krüger and Johanna Mesch received time grants from Stockholm University Brain Imaging Center (SUBIC). SUBIC wants to congratulate them and inspire other SU researchers to apply for the next grant to be announced in the fall.

Närbild av kbinna som håller för näsan. Foto från Mostphotos

New linguistic project examines olfactory vocabularies

Thomas Hörbergs has been awarded grants from the The Swedish Research Council for the upcoming research project ”Grundläggande lukttermer: mot en universell semantisk rymd för lukter”. The aim of the project is to show whether there is a "universal" olfactory-semantic space.

Foto: Jens Olof Lasthein

New PhD courses with a focus on fMRI data

Stockholm University Brain Imaging Centre (SUBIC) is co-organizing two new PhD courses, starting in January 2022. The courses are planned and offered in cooperation between the Department of Linguistics, the Department of Psychology and Karolinska Institutet.

Porträttfoto av Carl Börstell. Foto: Suzan Zanders

Carl Börstell promoted to Associate Professor in Linguistics

The Department of Linguistics congratulates Carl Börstell who has been promoted to Associate Professor by the Board of the Faculty of Humanities.

Kvinnlig student sitter lutad mot träd och jobbar på laptop. Foto: Jens Olof Lasthein

Teaching online and on campus at the Department of Linguistics

Due to the covid-19 outbreak, the Department of Linguistics has decided to continue with online teaching to a greater extent than usual. For more information about your course, please see your schedule.

Photo by Viktor Gårdsäter

Admission, residence permits and tuition fees

Here we list information about the admission process for international and exchange students. Answers to many questions on how the pandemic affects your studies can be found in the Q&A on the coronavirus for newly admitted students.

Elena Vera Moser, alumi, Department of Linguistics.

"I was lucky to get in"

Elena Moser from Switzerland studied the Master’s Programme in Language Science with a Specialisation in Typology and Linguistic Diversity.

New publications

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Foto: Niklas Björling

Q&A on the coronavirus for newly admitted students

This Q&A will be updated when there are new regulations and directives from the Swedish Government and when new decisions are taken by the University. Please check back regularly for updates!

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