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We study human language in its diversity

The research areas of the department represent different aspects of linguistics. Each section considers research and teaching equally important. You will find more information on what education we can offer you in our Education pages

Our research

The research areas of the Department of Linguistics are specialized in different aspects of the human language. Between 2007–2014, the Department of Linguistics was appointed as one of Stockholm University's leading research areas, the Department is now part of Stockholm University's Profile Areas.

Rektor vid Stockholms universitetet Astrid Söderbergh Widding skriver under avtal med Siemens Healthcare AB.

MRI procurement completed!

1.5 years of hard work is now over and we are very happy to announce that SUBIC and Stockholm University has signed a contract with Siemens Healthcare AB. A brand new Siemens Magnetom Prisma 3T scanner will be available at SUBIC from the summer 2018.