Symposium on Language Acquisition and Language Evolution

 Symposium on Language Acquisition and Language Evolution (3569 Kb)

Table of contents

Francisco Lacerda:  Preface (55 Kb)

Björn Lindblom:  The units of speech – A bio-cultural perspective (416 Kb)

Peter F. NacNeilage:  Particulate Speech: The Emergence of the Phoneme from Syllable Frame Structures (159 Kb)

Jan Anward:  On the open secret of language (158 Kb)

Per Linell:  Are Natural Languages Codes? (195 Kb)

Peter Pagin:  Compositionality, Complexity, and Evolution (276 Kb)

Stephen J. Freeland and Melissa Ilardo:  Language Evolution in Humans and Ancient Microbes: (256 Kb) What can human language acquisition tell us about the origin of genetic information?

Pierre-Yves Oudeyer:  Self-Organization: Complex Dynamical Systems in the Evolution of Speech (1630 Kb)