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Workshops och konferenser

Här hittar du information om de konferenser och workshops vid Institutionen för lingvistik som är aktuella den här terminen.

Här listas också några av de workshops och konferenser som Institutionen för lingvistik har anordnat de senaste åren: Tidigare konferenser och workshops

Brain imaging for everyone

Stockholm University has begun the journey towards a world-class neuroimaging center. At the Stockholm University Brain Imaging Center (SUBIC), modern techniques will be used to investigate the structures and functions of the brain. A brain imaging center provides a unique platform for researchers within the social, natural, humanistic and technological research fields, and creates new opportunities for interdisciplinary collaborations in research as well as in education.

Mini-symposium: Aspect, valency, verbal semantics, lexical typology, and parallel texts...

"Aspect, valency, verbal semantics, lexical typology, and parallel texts, with special reference to the Circum-Baltic languages and sundry European languages."

Tidigare konferenser och workshops


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