Prof. Ekaterina Rakhilina (Institute of Russian Language at the Russian Academy of Sciences) talar under rubriken "Pain cross-linguistically: verbs and constructions"

Tid och plats: Torsdag 2 april 2009, kl. 15-17, i C 307


"Pain cross-linguistically: verbs and constructions"

The talk presents the results of the on-going project on pain-metaphors (like Eng. MY EYES ARE BURNING, Germ. MIR DRÖHNT DER KOPF, etc.) across languages. It argues that there are universals not only in grammar, but also in lexical semantics, so that even metaphorical shifts within a certain domain are cross-linguistically governed by the same general rules. For example, verbs of burning seem to be a universal source for pain descriptions. It will be shown that meaning shifts yielding pain verbs display a strong similarity to the semantic changes that take place during the process of grammaticalization.