Professor Aditi Lahiri
(University of Oxford,
talar under rubriken: "Prosodic grouping in Germanic"

Tid och plats:

Måndagen 4 oktober, kl. 15-17 i rum C307


Syntax-phonology mapping has been a source of controversy. Although
there is a general feeling that the syntax-phonology interface is not
entirely isomorphic, the generative tradition has tended to support a
more direct mapping counter to the Germanic tradition a hundred years
ago. This talk will present ongoing work with Frans Plank and Linda
Wheeldon, arguing that historical as well as experimental evidence
suggests that prosodic word formation on the syntax level is largely
trochaic, favouring encliticisation of unstressed weak words to a strong lexical word.


Maria Koptjevskaja Tamm och Tomas Riad